2022 March:

Our top three priority routes for 2022 are Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii, Barbers Point Elementary School, and Shriners Children's Hospital! And we're excited to announce that we're putting our toes in water to test offering summer programs at the Ocean Pointe Community Center in Ewa Beach and for children at a nearby Emergency Shelter.

We wuv Wednesdays! Our Wednesday morning program with participants from Responsive Caregivers is now a regular "thing" and we couldn't be happier!

Barbers Point Elementary School is in our own backyard and we just realized that a little less than 70% of their students come from low socio-economic households, many of which are homeless. We're planning to help kick-start some additional relief for their students -- school supplies, shoes, clothes, and food!!


"The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them." Roy T. Bennett.

We agree and that's what we're trying to do!

Countless hours have been spent handling, training, and loving on our miniature horses in preparation for their Comfort Visits.

And, one of our dreams did come true on Feb 1, 2021 with our very first visit to Shriners Hospital Honolulu, and on Feb 12 with our very first visit to Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii. Since then we've continued our Comfort Visits, grown our calendar, and even hosted small field trips to our place.

After our first few Comfort Visits, we realized we wanted to leave a tangible memory behind for our participants. As a result, we're now collaborating with students at James Campbell High School's Saber Studios on a Coloring Book starring two of our minis and set in Ewa Beach! We hope to have this project complete by Christmas 2021!!

When you get a moment, please check out our fb page, Mahalo Miniature Horses. It's sure to make you smile!