What is the difference between a pony and a miniature horse?

PONIES are usually distinguished from normal horses by their stature and size. Compared to horses, ponies often have thicker coats, manes, and tails with shorter legs and a thicker neck.

MINIATURE HORSES are bred to look like a full-sized horse on a much smaller scale. Usually a slimmer build and longer legs.

Generally (but not always), ponies are ridden but miniature horses are not.

How can I contact you?

EMAIL MahaloMinis@gmail.com

CALL or TEXT 808-799-5698

LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (or send a message)

How can I help?

We're a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation assists us with paying our insurance, van, gas, and the day to day upkeep for two of our five miniature horses.

Opportunities for adult volunteers can be found on this website. We're looking forward to developing volunteer programs (for keiki and kupuna pairs) but we haven't gotten there quite yet! 

Who pays?

All TRAINING, CARE, and WORK related to our organization is done by volunteers. We do not have any paid employees. Three of our five miniature horses have long-term sponsors who pay for all of their expenses.

Our Community Outreach Programs are supported by generous donors.

We anticipate hosting a FUNDRAISER in April 2023 and we continue to pursue grants in order to assist with growing our Community Outreach Programs and improving our overall organization.