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Keiki Care Kits

We're focused on the children at Onelau'ena -- the EMERGENCY FAMILY SHELTER in Barbers Point/Kalealoa!! We've committed to DONATING a "KEIKI CARE KIT" to each child upon arrival!! Starting now (Sept 2022), we're delivering 12-15 Keiki Care kits each month to the shelter!

Our Goal

This EMERGENCY FAMILY SHELTER is in our own backyard! Our goal is to provide a little happiness into the hearts of children transitioning into the shelter.

Yes! You can HELP!

Simple. Sponsor a part or piece of the kits. Make a difference!

Parts and Pieces

EACH Keiki Care Kit contains: 1.) YELLOW BAG (small size from Don Quijote store) -- $1.99 each. They are waterproof and sturdy and the kids can reuse them to hold soap or shampoo etc in the community shower. 2.) MAC & CHEESE X 2: Single servings, prepackaged in a bowl that can be cooked in the microwave and eaten directly from the bowl. No pot or pan needed and room comes with a microwave. 3.) MANDARIN ORANGES X 2: Single servings, can be a something similar (pudding etc. but not chocolate due to possible mess). 4.) JUICE: Single serving, can be water or shelf stable milk. 5.) APPLE SAUCE: Single serving 6.) GUMMY BEARS: Single serving, can be similar treat (cookies!). 7.) SPORK: Utensil for immediate use. 8.) WASH CLOTH 9.) MINI HORSE STUFFED ANIMAL 10.) MAHALO MINI COLORING BOOK 11.) BOX of CRAYONS: Currently sponsored by the shelter as they previously received a large donation of crayons. MAHALO!!